Elbow Pain

Elbow pain

Climbers! Do your elbows hurt? Have you been putting up with the annoying pain of lateral and/or medial tendonitis? This by no means is an exclusive ailment to us climbers! Tennis and golf players, weight lifters, circus performers all might have dealt or are dealing with it right now. My advice: get it treated. The sooner you get in for acupuncture treatments, the faster we’ll be able to heal your elbow. And honestly: once you have a bit of relief, don’t just run back to the rock, aerial silks, gym or court. Give the tendons a chance to truly heal. They do not have their own blood supply (unlike muscles), so they take much longer to heal.

Chronic tendonitis or tendonosis is no fun at all and can really put an unnecessary stop to your training and fun! I seem to have a sudden influx of elbow tendonitis in my clinic lately – including my own! So I figured it was time to share with all of you! Don’t let the mild annoying pain of today go untreated and become chronic serious pain in 2 months! Get in for an appointment and let me help you get back to your fun! When you come in, we’ll also talk about topical natural anti-inflammatories and internal ones like turmeric. See you soon!

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