Licensed Acupuncturists, and the others

Did you know that Acupuncturists go through a very intense and rigorous training? In order to be a licensed acupuncturist in the US, one must go through 3.5 years of school to graduate with a Master’s degree, receive between 1500 and 2000 hours of training, see around 500 patients as student clinicians and study in-depth more than 360 acupuncture points and 450 Chinese herbs (in Chinese)! Why am I saying all of this? Because it’s EXTREMELY important that all patients make sure they are seeing a licensed acupuncturist who knows the risks and the precautions involved with our beautiful and ancient medicine. There has been a recent buzz about dry needling, which is performed by non-licensed acupuncturists, mostly PTs and Chiroptractors. As a Licensed Acupuncturist I am completely against this practice as these practitioners usually have less than 100 hours of training and can unknowingly cause severe harm to patients. Education is everything, and I urge you to do your research!

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