Spring and the Liver Meridian

How are you feeling emotionally and physically this Spring? Did you know that each season corresponds to an element and to organs in Chinese Medicine? Spring is the season of the Wood element and the Liver and Gallbladder meridians. This is the time to start re-awakening after a “long cold winter” (not so much here in San Diego!) and regain our drive to get out and be motivated.

In Chinese Medicine, the liver is the organ responsible for the smooth flow of qi and is highly active during this season. Sometimes, because of imbalances, our liver can’t function properly and we can either feel too lazy and lethargic (and therefore frustrated with ourselves) or too hyper and end up not allowing for down time. Those are both liver issues that are on opposite ends of the spectrum and that can be addressed and remedied with Acupuncture.

One of my favorite points to rectify the course of the liver qi is the point LV3, Tai Chong or Happy Calm (as per JR Worsley). This is the Earth point on the Wood channel, and as such, it is capable of freeing the stagnant liver energy and bringing our body back into a smooth flow. So this means it will help us to feel happier, calmer or more energized and ready to move, depending on how we felt before.

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